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Hyaluronic Acid- The trick that will make the difference

Hyaluronic acid is a very popular and effective ingredient in skincare products.

It exists naturally in our skin.

As you have probably heard before, our skin has 7 layers. The main 3 are:

  1. the epidermis 
  2. the dermis  
  3. the hypodermis.

The hyaluronic acid exists in our dermis. In a brief sentence, the dermis is responsible for the shape, structure, firmness and elasticity of our skin. That is thanks to 3 important building blocks that exist in our dermis: Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

As we grow older and exposed to environmental damage, smoking, inefficient water drinking, processed food and more, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases and we start seeing wrinkles, fine lines and loss of volume.  

In order to slow the aging process we need to add an external hyaluronic acid substance and the most common forms are by filler injections or adding hyaluronic acid to our skincare products. 

 The hyaluronic acid works by attracting and locking moisture into your skin. But, and there is a big but here, Hyaluronic acid depends on the environment. If you live in a humid area, the hyaluronic acid will take the moisture from the air and draw it into your skin. But if there is less than 50% humidity in the air, it will drain the moisture from the deep layers of your skin which will result in the opposite of what we really want.

So what can we do about it?

  1. Use a moisturizer on top of any HA product. If you live in a dry area or if it’s winter season, just use a moisturizer so the HA could take the moisture from it. 
  2. For HA serum, or if your skin is very oily, damp your fingertips with some water and then apply 2-3 drops from the HA serum on your damp hands and tap it into your skin.

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