DANA PÀZ - Founder

DANAPAZ BEAUTY is a woman-owned, safe, clean, and non-toxic beauty brand made in Boca Raton, Florida. As a busy mom and herbalist, Dana quickly realized that the harsh and toxic chemicals were causing her hormonal imbalances and breakouts and her son's childhood eczema to flare up. It led her to go study the beauty field and skincare formulating with a goal to find a way to develop effective and skin balancing formulas with clean ingredients. And to make it safe and non-irritating even for the most sensitive skin.


At DANAPAZ BEAUTY, we believe that skincare should be safe, effective, and accessible to everyone. "When our skin is healthy and radiant, we feel more confident and comfortable with ourselves. Amazing how managing our skin's condition makes us feel we got our lives together. We are unstoppable", says Dana. 


Animals hold a special place in Dana and her family's hearts, as they've dedicated years to animal rescue efforts. This is why we, at DANAPAZ, donate monthly to animal shelters. Each order you make is also a donation, a show of compassion and love. Together we make a difference.


If this is your first time here, welcome to our community. This is a safe space to be yourself and love yourself exactly as you are! We appreciate you and grateful for your support. We are always here for you. Our community is the reason we keep growing and wake up every morning motivated to help more people get their skin's confidence and contribute to saving pure souls.