Skincare is a lie?

Skincare is a lie?

Sometimes I hear people say that they don't use skincare because maintaining a healthy lifestyle is enough and healthy skin starts from the inside.

Is it true though?

The simple answer is NO.

The longer answer is that healthy skin is a result of what you put IN your body and what you put ON your body. You can drink a gallon of water and still suffer from dry skin.

You can eat tons of greens and antioxidants and still get acne and pimples. Let's not forget that our skin is our body’s first protective layer that protects it from the environment; the sun, toxins, pollution, and bacteria, and also regulates our body temperature.

So health comes from the inside but also from the outside and in order to protect our biggest organ, which will be strong enough to fight environmental damage, we must apply topical products like sunscreen, moisturizers, serums, or in general- skincare products. 

Now let's talk about another interesting, yet depressing fact; as we get older the water amount in our body decreases. The synovial liquid between our joints and vertebrates decreases (this is why we lose a few inches as we get older) and the same process happens to our skin as well.

The best way to prevent the skin from drying is to moisturize it daily and keep its elasticity. Using facial oils or products with peptides, Hyaluronic acid and ceramides (and more, that's a big topic that we'll cover separately) can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  

In a nutshell, humans are complicated machines and in order to have clear skin there's a need to eat a healthy diet, drink water, workout (sweat so you could get rid of toxins), apply skincare, reduce stress (to regulate hormones), and get enough sleep. 

Skincare is not a lie. It's one of the steps needed to be taken daily in a healthy lifestyle routine. Skincare is a part of our healthcare. And it's fun So go spoil yourself with some health-promoting skincare, it's not a privilege, it's a necessity  

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